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Dragons Breath Solar is a traditional renewable energy store who provide a range of quality parts such as K2 fixing equipment providing solar rails, brackets plus lots of other essentials for solar kits with designs to match your requirements.

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School field activity sets provide Hydrogen fuel cell educational help, Street lights, battery backup, home inverter. When away from mains electrical sources. Our special low voltage panels can be used for many different electricity generator purposes. Powering batteries to provide optimum performances in delivering utilized potential for caravans, mobile homes. Used in remote locations and houseboat's, or other buildings. Like farmhouses, cabins or area's that cannot obtain power through normal routes, can provide an abundance of natural light coupled to domestic resources.

Proving ever popular we are able to offer equipment that is capable of producing and storing energy linked to bespoke battery banks. This provides you with a wealth of knowledge matched to integrated renewable components. Small low voltage wind generator equipment, which can be combined using PV with 12v and 24 volt turbines. Products offering instant lighting solutions at home or away through our range of quality renewable products. Such as our magic box for those situations which can run workshops, stables livery yards.

Provided as a clean alternative to standard diesel type generators. We specialize in the many variations of stand-alone ground mounted technologies. Supplying Solar distribution services. Providing a long established background in renewable technologies. Plus the many manufacturing companies we provide replacement distribution service parts. Solar thermal hot water systems, plus a universal design services to match our customer requests.

Street or car parking lighting solutions, products offering an ability of designed tailored resources to help our growing customer base...

K2 Products fixing kits can make life easy for any solar panel. If you do not see the K2 Solar Fixing product you require via our web site presentation, please contact us and ask. Below you will find that we have listed the common fixing brackets used in domestic and commercial installations. Slate, plain tile, pan tiled and vario, rafter purlin roofed, trapezoidal, speed fit, flat roof, ground mounted, plus all of the t bolts, nuts mid or end clamp fixings to match any solar panel mounting project. Ask us for the wholesale solar parts price list

Fixing kits

Solar power grid connection inverters offering 10 years warranty. To the latest G83/2 and G59/2 MCS regulations. These DC to AC grid connection 10 year warranty inverters are real value for money. Solar panel from 65w through to 260w. high tier module to provide a superior yield return on any investment. Spare parts for solar installations. All of our products meet with MCS regulations.

Delivering the supply of essential energy storage products. Can run a house, houseboat, allotments. Plus many more areas where a stored power source is needed. Off-Grid Solar Power Kit component parts designed to provide remote locations with stored battery backup at 12 or 24 volts. Below are some categories that could help you save money. Offering a large range of Photo voltaic solutions for environmentally friendly DIY sectors. We offer all of the parts with manufacturers guarantees.

A range of quality parts for any off-grid application, we offer 12v panels, control equipment ready manufactured cables high capacity switches, VAS inverters for high voltage requirements when working from our range of solar battery storage facilities.

Solar powered street lighting systems for remote locations. Used where grid connection is not available or in an area prone to flooding. Other applications can be car parks shopping malls estates and buildings that need uninterrupted power supplies for vulnerable or hazardous locations.

Schools solar and hydrogen fuel cell. Renewable energy educational sector kits.

Solar hot water thermal heating equipment products. Support service can provide every conceivable spare part required to install or repair any system. Our understanding of solar heating systems allow us to provide a wide and varied range of spare parts developed over the years to last. This equipment guarantees safety and serviceability. Thermal parts such as Expansion vessels, actuated valves, pressure relief, temperature control, non return, fluid, displays, siphon, auto air vents, collectors one piece tubing are all used for 140 degrees or more hot water connections. Make sure that you understand the increase in temperature creates a higher pressure, therefore by trying to shortcut this could create potential risks.

We provide a wide range of spare parts to suit any thermal hot water system, components for Solar hot water tube. DZR compression fittings or BSP solid brass connectors to ensure pressure drops never happen.

Solar hot water equipment provisions

We provide small Wind Turbine Generators for low voltage battery charging systems. Our kits can link any 12 or 24 volts battery system. Please ask for details

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