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Why Dragon’s Breath Solar 

Dragon’s Breath Solar offers the power of the sun to light up your nights.
We never compromise on the quality.
Our solution provides an effective program without damaging the environment. Established over two decades ago and specializing in products above and beyond in performance.
DBS has the ability to design projects using bespoke materials, solar panels, lithium or PB batteries, with electronic controls, LEDs and fixings to match individual requirements.
A solar battery storage design for instant power needs. We can facilitate remote power applications harvesting solar gain during the day and distributing it at night for almost any situation. UPS systems, household power storage, Lighting for car parks or remote un-adopted areas, illumination for signs or bill boards, solar PV powered street signs anything is possible using natural energy that can be generated during the daylight hours to perform many tasks when darkness falls.
Our team aims to offer the best available products to match your needs dependent on the use of the stored energy.
We can provide by use of controls, pre-set run times or use of high performance storage to provide greater autonomy. Please feel free to contact us with your specific enquiry, where we will endeavour to respond within 24 hours.

Battery storage
The Battery management system (BMS) is the brains behind any solar battery. It creates an avenue to provide storage of power generated during the day to be directed into battery banks for uses when required.



Li-ion batteries
Lithium-ion battery storage offers the ideal companion for new and existing solar panel installations.



Solar panel fixing rails attached to roof brackets to mount solar panels onto any surface for over 10 years. We provide other valuable essentials for making any solar installation run smoothly. K2 component designs to match customer's requirements.



Contact us if you require assistance in developing projects for remote areas utilizing the Sun's natural power sources for illumination after dusk. Producing our own range of off-grid solar powered street lighting products that provide instant light after dark, dusk till dawn programs through sophisticated control equipment. Philosophy of using solar powered lighting can be looked at in many ways. Essentially we are trying to provide an alternative for areas where normal electricity supplies may not be available. Smaller solar power systems can be used for the home, workshops, cabins, stables or livery yards and allotments. Designed to work in many areas where a stored power source is needed.



Our off grid power kits have component parts designed to provide many remote locations with a stable amount of stored battery backup in 12v and 24v energy cells. Providing environmentally acceptable solar battery storage solutions. We specialize in standalone technologies.



Complete kits and spare parts for solar installations. All of our products meet with MCS regulations. Solar power grid connection inverters offering 10 years warranty. Our product range is offered to meet with the latest G83 and G59 MCS solar conformity's are real value for money. Solar modules sizes from 65w through to 300w. High tier modules that provide a superior yield return on any investment. Spare parts to make life easy for any solar installation project.



Wide range of spare parts to suit any solar thermal hot water system, components for high temperature water tubing. DZR compression fittings or BSP solid brass connectors to ensure pressure drops never happen. Solar hot water equipment provisions include stainless steel solar tube connectors in DN12 and DN16 sizes, valves for all options, air admittance valves, roof entry slates, ready mixed fluid, expansion tanks, brackets and connection equipment spare parts.



Renewable energy kits that provide the teaching staff a tool to provide science lesson activities. Used in or outside of the classrooms. Hydrogen fuel cell, Wind Turbine, Solar Electricity and Solar Hot Water Educational kits.


Solar street lighting productsCommunity street lighting powered by the sun.Solar parkland lighting systems.Solar street light columns   

Powered by the Sun's free energy, our solar powered street lighting systems are now produced to provide a solution to many lighting applications. We can assemble products specifically to match your requirements. These include: 

Car Parks and walkways,  Avenues, Precincts, Equestrian,  Farms,  Schools,  Driveways & bridle paths,  Golf Clubs,  Swimming pools,  Hot tubs,  Allotments,  Schools,  Moorings.

Our NEW dusk until dawn solar powered street lighting covers many United Kingdom environmental issues. These bespoke lighting systems can be used for security in remote applications or just to replace the old fashioned existing sox and son lamp lighting systems. The product is essentially designed to match localised conditions. The BMS evaluates the typical stored energy captured during the day and distributes it evenly across various time scales during the evening, all night or specific segments during dusk. If you require sensor operated lighting we can assemble the units to accommodate this option using motion sensors that activate after dark a
s an alternative. 


Dragons Breath offers a point of sale service for many renewable energy products to UK mainland. If you require items are delivered to international postal addresses, we would ask for an email conformation of required solar heating, battery storage electricity PV parts and or solar street lighting components to provide a courier delivered total.


Dragons breath provide products that encompass many renewable faucets such as fixing the best solar panels, our products encompass solar power storage designed and produced for mains power and off grid renewable energy systems, manufactured to match consumption capabilities required by our customers. All of our materials used combine quality for long life.  

Some products on this site are shipped without a carriage charge



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