Solar Street Lamp


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The DBS157 solar street lamp light system offers a unique opportunity to protect and serve your needs along the many walkways and highways in the UK.

We supply solar lamps that have designed with the looks and style that will fit into any high class installation. These can be supplied in standard format or a Bluetooth programmable solar powered lighting systems, which has the ability to provide the flexibility required to self manage the times and brightness of the luminescence around winter and summer sunset.

These are available in Industrial/commercial versions of the solar street lamp. with ether deep cycle or lithium battery packs. Ideal for roadway’s and car park lighting which can deliver optimum results. The bluetooth download can be sent to smart phones or lap top computer, to make life simple so that hoists or cherry picker type platforms are not needed.

Bluetooth programmable lighting systems  


This high performance solar street lamp lighting system is available in 24w @ 3120 lumens given scope for any project by remote control. With the flexibility to offer a full size solar panel matched to the prerequisite of individual locations. The battery housing also holds the solar panels, this is manufactured to withstand 25 years of extremes and harsh weather as such is fully hot galvanized 




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