Solar walkway light

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We have the solar walkway light, that is used for areas with very low pedestrian footfall use.

This product is on special offer, because end of this type of production lights.

Multi directional LED luminary c/w li-ion battery + 50w solar panel. Mounted onto top of  60mm diameter post

Working at 30% background illumination until pedestrians trigger PIR sensor to 100%. This operates for 1 minute or until outside of PIR area

We have two ex display models left at reduced cost. If you take both of these we can reduce cost by a further £50.

These have some slight marks on paintwork, nothing serious to worry about. This will not affect the product from working.

This solar walkway light unit has a multi directional panel can be orientated separately to make sure you pick up maximum sun light onto solar panel when pointing it south.

Ideal for high summer seasonal uses. Designed to slot over the top of small diameter posts 60-76mm. Once programed this lighting system will not require any further management. Lithium battery pack and control system is housed inside LED light unit to protect from vandalism.  Would suit location far away from mains power supply that need occasional 10w LED light during longer days.


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