12v solar panel

12v solar panel


Weight: 6 Kg

Delivery: 2-3 working days

This high quality 70w solar panel are perfect for any motor home remote hook up or caravan uses where constant power from battery system has to be fully charged. This enables power for lights, TV, radio and many more low voltage products to be used after dark in remote un-adopted locations. These have been manufactured for the UK climate, and as such will provide superior amounts of energy. These panels are 787mm x 671mm x 46mm in size and provide 18.2v current. These can be used to charge any 12v battery system when using an adequate regulator/charge controller. 12v solar panel used for off the grid battery charging solutions and associated uses.


We offer 12v charge control equipment, for small low voltage battery charging solar panels via this part of our site if needed. CHARGE CONTROL LINK

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