Small solar panels 12v

Dragons breath solar specialise in off grid systems, offering small 12v solar panels used primarily for battery charging small remote applications.

The essence of any system is only as good as it weakest link, and by using the best possible small solar panels to power 12v systems. You will enable the maximum solar gain to be obtained.

We offer a range of small sized solar panels to suit every project need. As these all enjoy the lower voltage thresholds of 12v. There is no risk of over powering any battery system, providing you utilise the correct charge control management product to match your desired panel solutions.

We are here to help you, and thus will only provide adequate sized equipment parts matched to work effectively with each other. This will primarily involve us asking you some questions, enabling the correct configuration of your small 12v solar panel installation requirements. Contact us in the first instance for your low voltage 12v solar panels and we will provide the perfect design.

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