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What You Need to Know About Solar Power Panels

What You Need to Know About Solar Power Panels

What You Need to Know About Solar Power Panels

Solar power is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint and improve your self-sustainability, but there are some things to consider before you get solar panels. It’s not all as simple as most people think, though solar panels are still a very good alternative to full grid electricity. 

Is Your Roof Facing the Right Direction?

Depending on the pitch of your roof, you may need to consider a few factors. The panels only work properly if they are tilted toward the sun so they can collect as much energy as possible. Ideally, the panels will face west or south, but there are cases where they can collect sufficient sun if placed on roofs that face north or east.

Consider Your Roof Type

Solar panels, as you may well know, often go on the roof of a building, so it makes sense that the type of roof you have will matter. There are actually several elements that count when considering your solar panels.

Condition: What condition is your roof in? If it is in need of repair or will need to be repaired or replaced in the next few years, you may wish to do this before getting solar panels. Once you have panels installed, you’ll have to remove the solar panels and reinstall them in order to fix anything on the roof.

Materials: The type of material the roof uses will also have to be considered. Many roofing types work well with solar panels, but there are some that are more difficult than others. Regular shingles tend to work well, as does metal. However, tiles can be difficult if they are clay tiles, as they tend to break easily.

Shape: Since the solar panels have to face the sun, you’ll want a roof that is facing south or west. Regular pitched roofs are an ideal pairing for solar panels, but if you have a lot of angles on the roof, it can make things slightly more tricky.

Surrounding Trees

Is your roof in shade most of the day? You may prefer to install panels on other parts of the property if this is the case. Ground mounted solar panels are another option for you.

There may be many things to think about before you invest in your solar panels, but the solar company will help you troubleshoot. Ready to get started? Contact Dragon’s Breath Solar. We supply the necessary materials for effective solar power systems. We’d be happy to help with any enquiries you may have.