Will solar charge my car

The answer to will solar charge my car, is difficult to give a straight answer. A single solar panel will not, but several solar panels that are joined to a battery storage would be enough to charge a car. This obviously depends on how much energy the car takes to recharge itself, which then would make the task a little bit more complicated in so far as the car may not be able to be charged from the same system every day. As the critical factor is that most domestic systems are limited in what they can produce. So the answer is yes, but allow the battery bank to recharge itself over a few days. The other option is to say the solar system can supplement the power needed to recharge any vehicle. Should you have a 3 phase supply, then the amount of solar energy generated is not caped in the same way. So your system could easily be large enough to generate enough power to store. Then when required it just pushes this energy into your vehicle. Go to this link for details: AC Inverter provides the link between solar and storage.

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Home EV charging station
This 3.7 AC inverter will allow the owner to store power from solar panel installations into suitable battery