How long do solar panels last

This question is simple to explain, how long do solar panels last. All solar panels have a linear scale of performance, The better the quality solar panel, then the greater the return in percentage terms the panel will produce. Most solar panels will start to deteriorate over the first year of use. Understanding the quality of the product is king, to having a solar panel that will not deteriorate quickly. Top grade solar panels give a 20 years predicted value. This inevitably shows the panel drooping a small percentage of its original value over this time scale. Whereas some lower quality solar panels can virtually drop to this percentage after the first year, therefore sometimes it is important not to look at cost over quality.

We have found that many higher quality solar panel manufactures predict the product life can be in excess of 25 years. Should you want to discuss the most favorable products to match your project, then please contact us by return. Contact Us – Dragons Breath Solar

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