What is the best solar panel

Solar panels come in all shapes and sizes that are tailored to match a task, to answer what is the best solar panel requires in depth knowledge of manufacture and construction. A solar panel starts off life as a man made ingot, These are predominantly in two types, Polycrystalline and monocrystalline cell structures. Depending on what you are trying to achieve would determine which solar panel cell structure would be most appropriate for the task. Over time the mono was depicted as being the best option for lower temperatures, but now the climate is accelerating this may no longer be the case, as higher seasonal temperatures are happening on a regular basis. Therefore, I would suggest that there would be a slight difference over the course of a year, but probably too small to make that much effect with smaller solar arrays.

So the next part of the equation to understand are the linear scale of ‘A’ grade cells as opposed to lower grade cells. At this time there is no regulative body to oversee this aspect. Therefore many lower cost solar panel manufacturers do not have to advise on the cell grade itself. Making it very difficult for the uninitiated to understand the different prices driving certain solar panels down in price.

With a lower grade cell structure the warranty can virtually be ignored, as these are very difficult to measure against grade ‘A’ cells. In other words if you are asking what the best solar panel is, then I would always opt for a known manufacture, who only supply ‘A’ grade products. As we all know sometimes it is very difficult to “understand the quality, without feeling the width”. With the quality of the build process being fundamental to the final product. This is a process that requires diligence and forethought into making sure the layout of cell structures have been performed to the highest standards. The solar panel frames used are pivotal to the overall containment strength, making sure in the line of duty it will not distort of bend. If this happens, then the structure of the solar panel, becomes compromised and the glass will crack and eventually give way, making it unusable.

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