What size solar cables do I need

We offer a wide range of bare and ready made solar cable to cover all applications. Should you require solar panel extension cables, we offer these in 100mtr coils of 4sqmm, 6sqmm and 10sqmm double insulated. This cable is also available in cut lengths to match smaller projects. We also crimp ends for MC4 male and female couplings, making life easier for our customers who are unable to assemble these.

Should you want cables from batteries to inverters or battery to battery, then we also provide these to match the requirements of our customers. As no two projects are alike, it is virtually impossible to provide an answer to the topic. So we look at every case individually and size equipment to match the current and voltage aspects.

These are links to our cable pages for refferance:

4mm Solar Cables 100m | Double insulated PV coils

6mm Solar Cable Coils in 100m drums

10mm solar cable coils

Solar Cable 4mm | Cut to length to suit customer application

Solar cable 6mm | Cut to order

MC4 extension leads | Solar panel connection cables

MC4 Cable Assemblies ready made solar quick fit connections

Battery interconnection cables

Battery – Inverter Cables

Off Grid Controller Cables

Plain off grid cables

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