Customer battery storage questions

Please find below some of the most common battery storage questions, we are asked about every day:

  1. Will battery storage run my house/home. Answer: Batteries are designed to provide energy storage, the amount of energy produced by solar panels during daylight hours.  This is dependent on the battery capacity multiplied by the solar array size.
  1. Can I fit a battery storage system to my existing PV system. Answer: It is important to understand the age of your system. It is only recently that battery storage has been introduced, this new concept is to enable PV panels a route to battery storage.
  1. Can I use my original inverter. Answer: The age of your inverter would probably determine the answer. Every battery storage system must be managed/controlled effectively. This is provided via a suitable battery management system.
  1. Which type of battery inverter storage system is best. Answer: The best option is to utilize a good quality hybrid kit. This then provides new warrenty on replacement parts.
  1. Will battery storage affect my feed in tariff payments. Answer: as the generated energy is stored in battery it will not alter the energy generated.
  1. Can I expand my system. Answer: Yes, up to a maximum of 16A capacity with DNO G99 approval.
  1. Can I go off grid: Answer. Off grid is possible, but be more specific. It is important to understand what is meant by off grid. Is this desert island off grid | Is it being self-sufficient | Other.
  1. Can I put batteries in the loft. Answer: Yes, it is possible providing the location has free flowing ventilation and temperature limits are not exceeded.
  1. What size battery do I need: Answer: the capacity of the battery is calculated based upon the current electricity usage of the household.
  1. Payback: Answer: What is payback | Is this based upon cost of equipment | Is this based upon energy bills | Is this considering future energy price rises | Not to be 100% reliant on electricity company charges | Other?