256 WP Sharp modules

256 WP Sharp modules


Weight: 17 Kg

Delivery: pallet delivery

High 19.8% efficiency Sharp solar panels @ 256 wp in MONO crystalline, designed for self consumption battery storage applications. These provide a higher than average percentage return on investment than other similar sized PV panels.

These 256w have a 10 years warranty with 25 years linear performance guarantee as standard.

  • The NQR256A is 19.8% efficient.
  • With a smaller lighter construction @ 17kg
  • Size:1,318 x 980 x 46mm
  • Making this solar panel easy to handle.
  • Ideal for many 230v off-grid homes.
  • With many uses for off-grid battery storage installations.
  • The 256 WP is structured around the new back contact method for delivering 6% more efficiency per cell.

SHARP solar power256w SHARP solar panels.Off-grid high performance systems.

Other parts that can be used in conjunction with these SHARP 256w solar panels.

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