4kw Solar kits

4kw Solar kits


Weight: 100 Kg

Delivery: 7 working days

16 panel solar energy storage kits

As the Government feed in tariff grant diminishes, the ideal way to reap maximum benefits from solar panels. Storing the energy generated rather than sell back. We provide a complete ready to install kit, which ticks all the boxes. So you do not have go down the route of feed in tariff but instead own the power generated when using on-grid storage.

Our kits can provide any household, farm and private land owners with the proposition of owning a 16 panel solar energy generator that has a battery backup system as standard. With this option the stored energy can be used when the Sun is not available. This cuts down your annual energy bill dramatically. Not only can you use the power during sunlight, but excess generation can be stored for use later.

All of the equipment parts fix together in a simple mechanical manor ensuring stability within a strong rigid structure. Included in our kits are everything required to complete your installation project. This includes our high performance SHARP solar 265w panels. We use a high value 4kw nominal grid connection inverter, with built in lithium battery storage. Our world renown K2 on roof fixing kits in two rows of 8 panels to match any roof covering, slate Marley, plain tile, rafter or metallic coverings. Cables, switches for AC & DC, lead slate, MC4 cable connectors, string fuse, labels and layout instructions.

Our standard 16 panels 4kw battery storage kits are designed for UK feed in tarrif compliance. If you want to upgrade to our 19.8% efficient panels or have a different roof layout then please contact us for further information.

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