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Dragonís Breath Introduction

Dragonís Breath has over twenty yearsí technical experience within renewable technologies and is now in a position to share the expertise gained with those persons and organisations seeking to provide cost effective and sustainable systems for future power generation.

In addition, Dragonís Breath the company recognises that the next generation of engineers needs to be educated as to understand and embrace renewable technologies.

Our overall goal must be to help the next generation understand the importance of power, combined with the energy required to produce this. The increased eradication of many of our most valuable fossil fuels with the subsequent rising costs in this production has made many second generation antipollution activists steer governments around the world in the direction of conservation.

 Dragonís Breath provides a range of products and services surrounding off- grid power generation and battery storage systems.

 Grid connection equipment parts and solar panel installations kits produced to match any surface or location need.

 Batteries and storage devices for backup, self consumption or to provide for a remote location anywhere in the World.

 We manufacture solar powered street/car park lights and kits to match any location or request.

 Dragons Breath provides a full range of solar thermal hot water heating component parts for maintenance and servicing needs.

Within the remit of solar power we consider our knowledge to be highly technical and resourceful in its approach to helping customers fulfil their dream of running a home with electrical equipment be powered away from the grid where possible.

As the UK and European Governments are committed to reducing dependency on fossil fuels and as such must increase the amount of energy that is produced from renewable sources such as wind, wave and solar. We can tailor one to one services to cater for any of those requirements.


 Our knowledge

 Our technical support

 Consultancy or feasibility studies

 Systems design and configuration

 Selection and integration of components

 Installation advice and project management

 We provide full instructions with equipment

 We offer warranties for all products

 Our equipment is designed for UK weather and conditions

 We solve problems for our clients

 Our Knowledge

This has been built up over the last 20 years working within the environment of renewable products and services.

Feasibility Studies

Dragonís Breath works with architects, councils, engineers, installation companies and the private sector to establish the most effective methods to generate and store power. Study how local conditions might impact the continuity of supply. A feasibility study will establish how much power is required, how much needs to be stored so that the power is available when it is needed.

System Design & Configuration

A power generation system is only as strong as its weakest link. Dragonís Breath will not compromise any part of a system by recommending cheaper or lower grade components. Each system proposed is designed to work within a given scope. As such must be fit for purpose and provide the right amount of energy when it is needed.

Selection & Integration of Components

Having established a reputation for designing high quality power generation systems, Dragonís Breath has been appointed UK distributor for a number of ďbest in classĒ components. These include:

K2 solar mounting systems | Victron energy battery inverter and control equipment storage solutions | Sharp solar panel manufacturing | LED manufacturers | DZR plumbing fittings | Solar cable and parts manufactures | Switch gear manufacturers

Dragonís Breath maintains strong relationships with these and many other manufacturers to ensure that compatible components used are best in class value.

Installation Advice and Project Management

There are many considerations when installing renewable energy generation systems. Renewable energy is created as a direct current (DC). This needs to be handled differently to alternating current (AC) derived from the national grid. Dragonís Breath will provide advice and if needed oversee installation to ensure that the right equipment is used.


Where needed full instructions and datasheets are dispatched with goods.


Warranty means the time frame in which a manufacturerís part or products will be considered suitable for repair or replacement.

Designed performance

As our company are established within the UK, This knowledge enables us to provide products that marry together successfully and as such provide power within the UK mainland to its maximum potential.

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