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Dragon’s Breath is On the Move


In April 2013, Dragon’s Breath moved into new offices at The Bridge Innovation Centre on the Pembrokeshire Science and Technology Park.

With Pembrokeshire already providing a significant percentage of the UK’s energy needs including oil, liquid natural gas and electricity, it was a logical choice to extend the county’s reach into renewable energy.

The UK and European Governments are committed to reducing dependency on fossil fuels and to increase the amount of energy that is produced from renewable sources such as wind, wave and solar.

Dragon’s Breath has over twenty years’ experience of renewable technologies and is now in a position to share the expertise gained with those organisations seeking to provide cost effective and sustainable systems for power generation.

In addition, the company recognises that the next generation of engineers needs to be educated to understand and embrace renewable technologies.


Dragon’s Breath provides a range of services up to but not including the installation of off grid power generation and storage systems.

These services include

• Feasibility Studies

• System Design & Configuration

• Selection and Integration of Components

• Installation Advice and Project Management

• Educational Systems

Feasibility Studies

Dragon’s Breath works with architects, engineers and installation companies to establish how feasible it is to generate and store power and what local conditions might impact continuity of supply. A feasibility study will establish how much power is required, how much needs to be stored so that the power is available when it is needed.

System Design & Configuration

A power generation system is only as strong as its weakest link. Dragon’s Breath will not compromise a system by recommending cheaper or lower grade components. Each system proposed must be fit for purpose and provide the right amount of energy when it is needed.

Selection & Integration of Components

Having established a reputation for designing high quality generation systems, Dragon’s Breath has been appointed UK distributor for a number of “best in class” components. These include:

 Danfoss – Domestic & Commercial Inverters

 K2 Solar Panel Fixings

Dragon’s Breath maintains strong relationships with other manufacturers and suppliers to ensure that compatible components are used and value for money is achieved.

Exciting new components include:

 String fuses and surge arrest components to eradicate damage caused by lightning strikes

 G59 relays for 3 phase commercial systems where grid synchronisation is necessary

 Solar cable entry slate components suitable to match any roof line, preventing high voltage DC cables from breaking down through fracturing and potentially striking the house (potential fire risks).

Installation Advice and Project Management

There are many considerations when installing renewable energy generation systems. Renewable energy is created as a direct current (DC). This needs to be handled differently to alternating current (AC) from the national grid. Dragon’s Breath will provide advice and oversee installation to ensure that the right fixings are used, cables will handle the power generated, inverters with convert the supply for domestic or commercial use and that the system is earthed correctly.

Educational Systems

As stated above, the UK and European Governments are committed to greater use of renewable energy. Schools and colleges need to educate the next generation to help them to understand how to use these natural resources.

Dragons Breath manufactures climatic, educational training equipment for schools and colleges. This provides the students with a practical system that allows them to discover and observe how electricity is generated, how it can be stored and how it can be used.

Dragons Breath plays a unique part in the UK renewable energy sector, where our knowledge base is necessary to provide a comprehensive service.

Our company is well known within the industry, and subsequently are asked to provide specialist equipment within the off grid market place. This includes energy for remote locations to power equipment from small lighting circuits through to complete villages may be required. The facilities include the educational sectors, where we have manufactured items designed to provide help educating children lessons in the uses of measuring power, and ultimately understanding how to conserve this increasingly valuable commodity.

When away from home we offer a large range of tools and products which can provide a combination of resources to reduce battery charging times, through the use of wind power using turbines, or solar modules to provide power from the Sun. These two elements can also be linked to provide the uses of a dual combination, culminating with increased storage. We offer a consultancy service to calculate our customers need. Using mathematical computations around Ohm’s law.

Marine applications and uses need a resilient product, which can cope with the harsh extreme’s the weather throws at us. To provide the correct equipment we have joined forces with some of the World’s leading manufacturers, such as K2 fixings and Danfoss Inverters.

Our overall goal must be to help the next generation understand the importance of power, combined with the energy required to produce this. The increased eradication of many of our most valuable fossil fuels with the subsequent rising costs in this production has made many second generation antipollution activists steer governments around the world in the direction of conservation.

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