Battery Storage Systems

The benefits of solar battery storage system are to provide an easy way of creating power autonomy from delivered renewable power for instant battery charging results. 

Our Solar Battery Storage systems are provided in options to match the customer’s requirements, these are designed for electrical engineers or DIY persons to install into remote off the grid locations. We also provide DIY kits to run caravans, mobile homes, cabins, houseboats, narrow boats, or allotments where stored electricity is needed to power LED lights, household utilities, white goods, or tools.

These kits range from basic equipment, right through to full functioning 230VAC systems that can run domestic tools such as TV, lights, radio, computers and equipment needed. Off Grid solar kits  

Off the grid is usually when mains power is not available, this therefore is why we offer proven quality off the grid equipment. Designed with long life in mind, kits can be manufactured to match any request, just ask and we will provide the answer.

You may require battery storage kits for existing 4kw household solar installations. Click on these links for details. 
Please advice details of your needs. We can then provide you the correct information by return...