Narrow Boats

Powering Your Narrowboat With Solar

Whether youíre a fair-weather owner, or maybe you live on your narrowboat all year round, electricity will still be required when the boat is not moving. Power is king for even the most basic equipment on board your vessel.


The problem is, powering a narrowboat can get pretty expensive to run using a diesel generator, not to mention the inconvenience it could cause if you want to take the road less travelled into wilderness territories. So how do you keep the power running? The answer is simple Ė fit your narrowboat with solar panels. They are just about the lowest maintenance way to keep your on board batteries up to a decent level of stored power, and you donít need an external power source to run them Ė just some basic sunlight.

Solar paneling for narrowboats is designed to keep your basic 12/24V needs up and running while you sit on the cut in a lovely place for a few days. Trickle charging batteries, thus providing you with the opportunity to run basic appliances using the free energy from the suns rays.

When running heavy duty or high kW load electrical apparatus, (youíll still need to run the engine). But by using solar paneling sensibly, you wonít have to run your engine anywhere near as often, saving diesel and you can rest easy knowing you can leave the boat for a day or two without worrying about power. Itís simple to connect, and requires very little effort, it pays for itself quickly.

At Dragons Breath Solar, we can provide a wide range of designs and installation services for panels, fixing equipment and repair kits for narrowboat solar panels, so you can enjoy the waves in the most natural way possible. For more information, visit our website and email us today.