LED Solar Street Lighting

LED Solar Street Lighting

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Weight: 5 Kg

Delivery: as required

Bespoke 24w Sun powered solar street lighting specification.

A complete column mounted solar powered LED lighting system manufactured to meet with full ISO 9001: certifications. 
This equipment is certified to IP65 regulations. Each of the 24 LED luminaries has a built in heat sink manufactured from 6mm
extruded aluminium to T6 specifications, then anodised to ensure environmental
protection and good heat dissipation. This contributes to a long life of 60.000
hours, LM70 @700mA delivering a constant ambient temperature of 25 degrees
Each lighting product is calculated to provide 4 days autonomy .

The high luminous efficiency lighting system is suitable for mounting on top

of column using the battery and solar panel mounting structure.

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