Lighting car parks

Lighting car parks

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Many open car parking areas are made up of land where infrastructure has never been adopted; these off the beaten track parks, for cars undoubtedly require some form of lighting. Most of these areas do not have a mains power supply readily available, and consequently are pitch dark in the evenings. This is a viable reason to adopt our solar powered car parks lighting for these areas. The concept we offer when using our in house products is, that these products are manufactured to provide car parks with 10 lux lighting at times when it is most needed. This can provide huge savings compared to traditional illumination that has to be hard wired into the car parks location as a solution.


We try to offer companies and organisations financial savings, in not having to trench mains cables to many unrealistic and remote areas. This also needs the inevitable annual running costs and maintenance charges associated with mains powered electricity lighting. Make our self managing systems such a viable option, for instance each one of our standard car parks lighting column luminaries used during the year, will reduce the equivalent of 0.25 tons of Co2.

Sensor driven programmable lighting systems

We offer our car parks solar lighting product as the alternative contribution to those areas that require our help.

Our standard car parks lighting column luminaries can be installed to work in the following methods. On using our dusk until dawn programmable setting. This can provide car park illumination from sun set until dawn using timed, or pedestrian sensor operational methods. The lights can be set to be on at 30% background light until, pedestrians activate lighting to 100% or set to only operate when pedestrians are within 10m of sensors.

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