• Battery solar charging kit

    Battery solar charging kit (3)

    We have our own battery solar charging kits, that has been designed with our customers in mind. This is a ready to run trickle charge battery management kit. It is designed to provide power to batteries while away from your boat, caravan, cabin, stable, equestrian use, allotment, portable building and much more. By using this ready to run unit you…
  • Caravan Solar Power

    Caravan Solar Power (9)

    Caravan battery storage designed around small solar panels, offering an unlimited leisure battery power supply. These mobile energy generation systems provide backup all year around to 12v and 24v systems. Never let your batteries run down while away from your caravan, or motor home. It is very important to understand that your valuable leisure batteries need to be kept in good…
  • DC Solar Kits 12v

    DC Solar Kits 12v (1)

    Our Dragons Breath Solar off-grid battery kits are designed to provide power for remote situations. These charge batteries through solar power. We provide complete systems that are packaged ready to use instant power. This supplies electricity in DC or VAC for boats, cabins, holiday retreats, leisure activities, equestrian and allotments.These DIY kits can be designed to match your needs such…
  • DC Solar Kits 24v

    DC Solar Kits 24v (1)

    Solar PV Panel battery system provide a speedy highly efficient off-grid charging system, this complete 24v package kit is ready to use and quickly store power using high quality products which offer a guaranteed return. we provide equipment parts that can deliver your requirements. Modules are matched with cables, we provide connectors to safely and securely connect the leads. Included…
  • Narrow Boats

    Narrow Boats (5)

    Powering Your Narrow boat With Solar Whether you’re a fair-weather owner, or maybe you live on your narrow boat all year round, electricity will still be required when the boat is not moving. Power is king for even the most basic equipment on board your vessel.The problem is, powering a narrow-boat can get pretty expensive to run using a diesel generator, not…
  • Off grid battery storage

    Off grid battery storage (2)

    These all in one off-grid mains power systems are ideal for caravans, mobile homes, lodges and places where it is important to have a plug and play system to run off grid power supplies. Solar energy provides us with an opportunity when away from home connections, to use our 230VAC off-grid mains power plug in items. Using battery systems that…
  • Off Grid Photovoltaic Spares

    Off Grid Photovoltaic Spares (2)

    off-grid solar panel parts
  • Off-Grid kits

    Off-Grid kits (2)

    Off-Grid solar kits.Provide the endless abundance of renewable power to run low energy equipment such as LED lights, radio and television from a 12 or 24 volt battery pack. These packages can be assembled to match many application requirements or needs, developing countries use these kits as standalone generators for inhospitable remote locations areas around the world.Designing off-grid systems  We can…
  • Off-Grid Lighting Kits

    Off-Grid Lighting Kits (1)

    A professionally designed range of 12v Off-Grid solar lighting kits for stables and allotments. Powered by the latest generation of deep cycle lithium batteries. A lighting kit for stables and allotments. Dragons Breath Solar can provide any requirement for lighting. These are specifically created to work 365 days per year via a solar battery charging system. 10 years life warranty…
  • Off-Grid Solar Components

    Off-Grid Solar Components (8)

    Our range of high quality renewable energy component parts dedicated to providing maximum remote power locations across the country using off-grid system parts. These parts include low voltage specifically designed solar panels which can be coupled to our range of battery management controllers. These provide the important link to safeguard any system from over voltage or severe depletion of battery Charge…

About this category

The benefits of solar battery storage systems are to provide an easy way of creating power autonomy from delivered renewable power for instant battery charging results. 

Our Solar Battery Storage systems are provided in options to match the customer’s requirements, these are designed for electrical engineers or DIY persons to install into remote off the grid locations. We also provide DIY kits to run caravans, mobile homes, cabins, houseboats, narrow boats, or allotments where stored electricity is needed to power LED lights, household utilities, white goods, or tools.

These kits range from basic equipment, right through to full functioning 230VAC systems that can run domestic tools such as TV, lights, radio, computers and equipment needed. Off Grid solar kits  

Off the grid is usually when mains power is not available, this therefore is why we offer proven quality off the grid equipment. Designed with long life in mind, kits can be manufactured to match any request, just ask and we will provide the answer.

You may require battery storage kits for existing 4kw household solar installations. Click on these links for details. 
Please advice details of your needs. We can then provide you the correct information by return...