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About this category

We offer a range of parts to build your own campervan battery power systems electrical circuit to provide power to auxiliary batteries inverted to 230Vac. Campervan battery power systems Mobile power supply
  • This Multiplus 12v | 2000VA | 80A inverter/charger unit can be used to run most domestic power supplies inside a Van or Winnebago type vehicle.
  • By using the following equipment, it is possible to always have backup power on the move or when parked up at site. With or without mains power hookup.
  • Each solar power system can use the Orion Smart 12 DC/DC charger unit can be used to power auxiliary battery from vehicle alternator. Via auxiliary battery this solar charge controller can be monitored using the Victron Cerbo GX + touch screen system to optimise volts being sent through generators cables.
  • The Victron Smart charge controller enables the user to power a battery system using the suns energy via a solar-cell type monocrystalline silicon solar generator.
  • Depending on the size of solar panel selected, this unit will then allow one to size the control equipment accurately.
  • To run a mobile power system using solar it is important to understand the size of available space on your vehicle.
  • We offer the following ridged framed sizes:
  • Small solar panels: 115w | 140w | 160w | 175w
  • Full size solar panels: 345w | 380w
  • Flexible panels are available in: 50w 110w and 150w sizes
  • We offer Victron super cycle and Victron deep cycle batteries in AGM or lithium media
  • Lithium batteries are a fraction of the weight of standard AGM batteries
  • The lithium batteries are also able to discharge down to a DOD of 5% without causing any cell damage.
  • Lithium sizes: 60Ah | 100Ah | 160Ah | 200Ah | 300Ah
  • AGM super cycle sizes: 60Ah | 100Ah | 125Ah | 170Ah | 230Ah
  • These can be connected, using appropriately sized battery cables
  • Panels and system. By using these two products Cero GX and Touch screen in unison, it is possible to provide monitoring of vital equipment using DC-DC charging, combined solar charging or the use of phoenix inverters and associated equipment parts.
Select the amount and size of panels to match your space. We will then build the kit around this requirement.