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Our Dragons Breath DC Solar kits 12v are permanently fixed or portable power packs to assist when off-grid. These battery kits are designed to provide power for remote situations. Usually when you are in a location where normal power supplies are not available or are very scarce. It is possible toΒ  charge 12v batteries through solar power alone. We provide complete systems that only use the Suns ambient free energy. They have been packaged ready to use and instant power, designed to work in the UK we have taken the hard work out of not knowing if the 12v batteries will charge sufficiently. These kits are designed to provide supplies of electricity in 12v DC or 230VAC, ideal for boats, cabins, holiday retreats, leisure activities, equestrian and allotments.

The power packs are for DIY installations and come with 5 years manufacturers warranty built into every product. If you want a different style kit then, kits can be designed to match your needs such as providing timed light dusk until dawn sensor operated LED lighting for security purposes or many other uses.