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Off-Grid solar kits

If sized correctly can provide an endless abundance of renewable power to run low energy equipment such as LED lights, radio and television etc from a 12v, 24v or 48 volt battery pack. These packages can be assembled to match many power-output application requirements or needs, many developing countries use these kits as standalone solar-energy generators for inhospitable remote locations and various locations around the world.

Designing off-grid systems

We can help in the design, by providing the solar charger components around your needs. It is possible to identify the needs for battery backup power. Using this service, we hope to deliver the parts required to run your home needs. These include the solar charge controller to manage the Pv-system solar array, battery bank either in lead acid style or lithium ion type produce watt power to low voltage or sine-wave 230v inverter power.

We have been providing equipment for the last 20 years, with experience in measured remote power generator applications   Contact us regarding your remote application off-grid questions

Off Grid solar kits