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A professionally designed range of 12v Off-Grid solar power system lighting kits for stables and allotments. Powered by the latest generation of deep cycle lithium batteries. A lighting kit for stables and allotments.

Dragons Breath Solar can provide any requirement for lighting. These are specifically created to work 365 days per year via a solar battery charging system. Each unit has its own high efficiency lithium iron battery bank with energy from the external solar module feed through a sophisticated solar charge controller.

The circuit of each system will charge the battery during daylight hours, for use when the sun goes down. Each battery can provide enough illumination until midnight. This is a simple DIY solar panel kit.

10 years life warranty. DRAGONS BREATH SOLAR Lighting system off the grid kit

These off-grid lighting kits are designed to provide maximum energy storage for use when required.

Off grid stable lighting kit Stable/allotment solar lighting kit