• caravan roof mounting

    caravan roof mounting (2)

    PV Solar panel caravan roof mounting for fixing various sized solar panels onto fiberglass type roofs. make sure solar panels are adequately secured to the roof of your caravan or boat.  
  • Ground mounted kits

    Ground mounted kits (1)

    We offer a range of ground mounting systems for all solar panel types and sizes.  
  • Post mounting kit

    Post mounting kit (1)

    60-89mm diameter post mounting kits for solar panels
  • Roof Mounting adhesive

    Roof Mounting adhesive (1)

    Solar panel caravan or boat roof mounting adhesive Roof fixing kit includes industry standard fiberglass roof mounting adhesive glue. Note! you may need to apply a  cleaning agent onto roof prior to use. Provides a permanent fix for many 12v battery solar panel UPVC fixings.
  • T BAR ground mounted kits

    T BAR ground mounted kits (1)

    Ground mounted T BAR heavy duty ground mounted 3 x solar panel mounting frames.

About this category

Mobile solar panel fixings

Provide remote stand alone locations the ability to contain stored power. A semi permanent fixture using Leisure facilities with stand alone kits. Essential security to run areas where stored power is needed.