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We provide flat surface solar kits to be adopted for use on a variety of  surfaces. Flat roof solar panels or systems have to be no more than 3° angle, otherwise we will not accept the enquiry. Also be aware that any flat roof surface will loose 600mm from each outside edge. This is to prevent any updraft occurring in turbulent wind conditions. Some new oversize panels that have recently been introduced will not be suitable for flat roof installations. K2 fixings are engineered by design to adopt the proposed configuration of the selected solar modules. K2 Solar Fixing Brochures PLEASE EMAIL REQUESTS FOR LARGE or TRADE INQUIRIES: CONTACT US USING THIS LINK FLAT ROOF SOLAR PANELS PV panel fixing kits can be used for building mounted attached on-roof garage systems, alternatively ground mounted solar panel supports provide any installations a secure for large scale commercial solar rail projects. We offer many varying options to obtain the solution you require. Each kit contains the individual K2 Solar fixing parts, to enable installations are securely fixed either on to domestic properties or an industrial building, commercial projects. These ready to assemble module fixings allow a seamless approach to any photovoltaic installation project. Our flat surface solar kits and equipment, can be used to provide easy fixing of Solar PV modules on the ground; this approach offers an alternative when the roof is not suitable for the high wind and snow loading. Using any of our K2 Fixing kits will provide you with a safe and secure method for attaching your valuable photo-voltaic panels. This link shows the K2 technical data for flat roof fixings. Click here to download Dragons Breath can offer flat surface solar kits, these will allow suitably sizes PV module with the ability to be positioned independently and securely to suitable flat surface or flat roof solar panel mounting location.