• Rack Ground Mounting

    Rack Ground Mounting (2)

    Ground support system for solar panels fixed onto concrete pads, this mounting solution is used for smaller 4kw systems. This system is designed to provide a quick sensible installation service for flat gardens and small estates and farms. We can provide delivery services to any part of the UK mainland, but will need your post code prior to advising the…
  • Solar consul

    Solar consul (1)

    Ground mountable solar fixing system, that can be weighted down using pea shingle or similar gravel mixture. Ideal for any location. Will hold a full size solar panel in place without too much effort. Flat surface or ground mounted solar consul, for quick and simple permanent location of most sized solar panels. Ballast filled.
  • Solar Garden Kit

    Solar Garden Kit (1)

    We supply a solar ground mounted system fixing kit for gardens, fields and many other applications to mount solar panels efficiently at angles of 20° | 25° | 30° to point equipment at the suns horizon. This is a tilt up system that is easily and quickly mechanically fixed in place.
  • T Rack system

    T Rack system (2)

    T rack solar panel mounting system has been designed for 3 full size solar panel use. For areas where 1kw solar arrays can be mounted quickly and securely using the T rack mono support system. This system is ideal for up to 3 panels mounted in landscape @ 1m above ground level. Click here to download - T Rack overview…

About this category

The solution of fixing ground mounted solar kits and PV panels into a farm field or meadow or garden could never be easier with the K2 vento system using solid foundations as a base.

Ground mounted solar panels

The two options are suitable to accept a single panel. 3 panels or in groups of 9, 12 or 15 panels (4kw) nominal, using the triangle base or alternatively we offer the rack fixing kit for larger solar installations that can be pad fixed into a suitable subsoil foundation concrete base. These are available in multiple sizes up to 50kw available for delivery to UK sites. Within this group, we have the other rack ground systems available such as the DBS push fit PV panel assembly or the flexible ground mounted PV kit which will allow the user to place solar panels in a much more convenient layout. these are our free standing solar panels options.
An ideal solution, these large scale ground mounted solar kits are suited to any location where flat surfaces can be easily prepared.