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    Single Axis Solar TrackingPV solar panel kits used for tracking the path of the sun on a single axis system holding modules directly pointing directly towards the highest intensity. Increases solar gain following Suns azimuth path across the sky, this can increase depending on the location that will return a greater efficiency over time using motorized units.

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Follow the Sun
predominantly used in off grid scenarios.

When considering photovoltaic PV systems natural light is the main consideration. The prospects of clouds trees or the height of the Suns arc across the hill side could provide low points in returning the maximum amounts of solar energy during the day.

We have options that can provide more energy gain from standard solar modules. This involves using a Sun tracking system, which tracts the azimuth across the sky. By following this path increase the yields each day.

Every day we are given a window of opportunity to gain a given amount of photovoltaic PV power from the suns energy. The average in the UK is between 4 - 6 hours. This is then broken down at times when the cloud cover or other issues create a less favorable light aspect. This window of opportunity can be increased by simply modifying the way we utilize the photovoltaic power.