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Dragons breath solar provide a complete range of solar cable accessories and associated solar cable spares to compliment every part of the solar power transmission connection task. All products are available to correspond with the scope of project in hand.

These may be needed when securing any PV system against outside interference. The range include MC4 type leads and spare parts, tools, labels and much more to finish any installation. Solar cable accessories are essential components of any solar photovoltaic PV system. These accessories allow for the safe and efficient transmission of solar power generated by the solar panels to either an inverter or a battery bank. They include components such as MC4 solar connectors, solar cable clips, solar cable glands, and solar labeling. Solar connectors are used to connect solar panels to other components in the system, such as the inverter or charge controller. They are designed to withstand exposure to sunlight and to prevent electrical arcing. These MC4 connectors are also environmentally resistant to protect against the risk of dust, dirt, and moisture to IP65 on their own or IP68 when mated. Solar roof slates are used to safely and securely fasten cables into the roof structure in a watertight manner.  This is secure and to prevent weather, wind, or moisture from entering the building. Solar labeling is essential for safety and compliance with electrical codes. Properly labeled solar cable accessories provide quick identification for maintenance and repair of the system. Labels are used to identify the system components. The proper labeling of solar cable accessories can prevent confusion and reduce the risk of injury. These components work together to enable the transfer of solar-energy from the solar panels to either the residential or commercial grid or to a battery storage system.