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Car parking lighting solutions for areas that do not have mains power supplies, solar car park lights work autonomously without the need to monitor. Our IP rated exterior solar powered car parking products have been specifically designed to meet with localized weather conditions, providing out door LED illumination at heights of 4m across the UK. 

These lighting columns are regulated to provide specific color temperatures and luminescence’s which are delivered to accomplish the desired effects.

Our car park luminaries can be mounted onto columns to match localized conditions. Solar panels used are designed to last for 25 years, with tempered glass with a salt mist coating enclosed within an aluminum sealed frame, will provide self cleaning design.

We can design and assemble these systems for car parking areas across the UK. We strive to give our customers what they need when mains power is not available in parks and walkways. Our LED lighting systems can be modified to match the perquisite of any parking authority.
Dragons Breath has the skills to provide individual bespoke lanterns for uses in many different formats.
Ask for full details into our range of public and private sector Solar Car Park Lights and lighting systems to enable safe pedestrian access to safe parking facilities.

 The unique designs we offer in one piece high lumen output LED luminaries are also available in multi directional options to meet with localized circumstances. The possibilities open to contractor and local authorities make us a leader in remote or un-adopted location luminaries. Dragons Breath Solar have been designing battery storage equipment for over 20 years, as such feel that they can offer customers a positive approach to using renewable energy to illuminate paths and walkways in parking areas around  the UK.

Car Park Lighting

LED’s sizes: 12-15-18-24w

NOTE! Components kits can be ordered with or without columns

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  These Solar Car Park Lights provide a green footprint for many requiring a reduction in carbon saving. All of our light units can provide a method of substituting existing sodium power and emit a minimum pollution to the environment.

They are a clear sky alternative.

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