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    Solar cable sets enable a quick and efficient method of PV kit assembly. We provide a wide range of MC4 male and female coupling cable lengths.

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Solar energy generator spares

Solar panel parts that include quality cables MC4 couplings tool kits crimp tools spanners fixing rails stainless steel meters installation and commissioning equipment parts. High quality Cables in 4 and 6 mm cut into required lengths, or 100 meter coils. Solar Couplings provide safe connection of DC cable, using SunClix or MC4 connectors in male or female, three way fittings for parallel connection. Tool kits include crimp tools, an ideal method of providing mobile on site manufacturing. Striping tools, insert tools, spanners, and accessories. Solar fixing equipment guaranteed easy and effective. Module fixing clamps, PV Rafter screws. Chanel slot nuts, T bolt fixings, rafter bolt seals and fixings, with solar lightening clamps and PV fixing screws. Flat roof fixing or ground mounted kits to make sure your solar PV system is kept safe and secure. K2 Fixing Spares PV isolation switches are to provide safe disconnection, these are available in DC isolation 12A, isolation in 16A, and 32A, AC isolation available in 25A switches. Generation meters to log energy generated. A complete solar spare service, allowing you to buy all equipment from a one stop solar shop. We have produced a distinctive range of Solar Warning labels to provide you with the tool to MCS regulations. A service to provide the complete solar kit of spare parts. From Sharp and house brand solar modules right the way through to stainless steel fixings, and electrical ancillaries. Back to Solar Dragons