• Solar home kits

    Solar home kits (7)

    4kw range of home grid connected 16 solar panel kits designed to match your individual design. We provide all equipment required to start generating your own house hold power requirements without being in a contract to sell back the excess generation. These can be fitted to slate, Marley or metallic and corrugated roof coverings. We also provide ground mounted kits…
  • Solar home storage batteries

    Solar home storage batteries (1)

    When you need a battery to store solar energy, look at these options. LG, Solax, Pylon types.
  • Solar inverter

    Solar inverter (2)

    Solar panel inverter for replacement of existing grid tie units, these need replacing when out of warranty or damaged. We offer a range of grid tie inverters, which can be easily connected to mains power in domestic homes for continued solar energy generation. All electrical equipment parts sold are for use on 230v AC circuits. Any works should always be…
  • Solar Spare Parts

    Solar Spare Parts (15)

    Dragons Breath web site offer's solar spare parts for solar installations or repair of PV installations. Please take a look at the components listed within this page. It offers AC isolation switches, DC isolation switches, roof cable entry slates, PV cable in small or drum quantities, MC4 cable couplings and slow burn fuses. if you do not find what you…

About this category

Dragons breath solar offer a complete range of PV solar grid connected equipment, spare parts for on roof and ground mounted systems. This includes the use of lithium battery storage, where excess power generation is captured within a suitably sized dedicated storage facility. The use li-ion style batteries provide a long lasting 15 year plus solution to providing power when needed.

This section of our website can provide kits or just parts for you to develop within your own home generation needs.

Dragon’s breath solar grid connected only supply the best supplies, please ask us if you do not see what you are looking for.

This picture shows links to all of our grid connection spare parts for solar installations Grid solar components list of spare parts  If you are looking for Battery storage associated parts, then click onto links below

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