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Solar thermal hot water pipework connections. Dragons Breath Solar offer individual parts for roof or ground mounted heating systems and collectors. These parts can be used on copper or stainless-steel pipework. By using our solar hot water flexible connectors, we can help our customers to deliver improved efficiency.

It is possible to heat a domestic hot water system with Solar-radiation. At the moment it is very expensive for heating costs using electrical power as energy costs are rising rapidly for the homeowner. By using the free solar energy sources from either evacuated tube collectors or flat plate solar collector the power and energy from the sun can employ a system that is self-governing as far as water temperature is concerned.

This energy saving and will cut down on fossil fuel needed to generate the electricity. The solar hot water system will need to be overhauled once a year to maintain its effectiveness. This Solar thermal system has ability to deliver ambient heat through absorption to your hot water cylinder depends on its ability to stay leak free and well insulated.

This is derived Thermal energy storage around the quality of components used, we offer dezincified bronze fittings alongside brass couplings manufactured from solid billet to avoid corrosion. These components make sure that no porous materials parts are used. With the fiber washers and C clips any stainless-steel flexible pipework can be held in place without fear of loss of pressure providing this energy technology.

This will reduce electricity bills in your solar home when heating water over the course of the year by up to 60%. The high efficiency system is known as solar radiation where the ultraviolet rays heat up on roof collectors that contain glycol anti freeze fluid to temperatures more than 120°. This will then feed into your twin coiled cylinder by a rotary pumping station controlled by the heat in cylinder hot water tank divided by the heat in collectors.

This residential solar is a constant process that requires all equipment to work effectively to bring home the desired clean thermal storage energy results. When you service your system, make sure you disconnect the pressure correctly to avoid the interconnected high temperature glycol fluid from causing injury. This is usually done when the collectors have cooled down to ambient temperatures. If in doubt use a pump station to drain the fluid safely. We supply both the homeowner and trade customers. Should you need any assistance with a replacement solar thermal systems part, then contact us by return.

We provide a large range of solar water heater accessories and thermal store spares. With the ability to reduce your energy bills even lower, it might be a consideration to utilize Solar PV energy. This can be viewed by looking at the attachment in the attached link. These high quality solar water heating system components, such as DZR range compression tube fittings that are designed for higher temperatures with inserts to overcome greater pressures. With these we can include the thermal tube fittings that hold fibre washers and C clips to hold the connection pieces together to keep the pipework airtight and remove the risk of any pressure drops between service intervals.

2 or 3 port actuated zone valves are designed for fluid movement via thermostatic temperature sensors. Expansion vessels and pump stations, solar fluids, and specially developed products to improve flows when installing any high-pressure hot water system. In essence we provide every conceivable part to service or repair glycol heating systems. Solar Thermal Heating spare components provide necessary parts for breakdown scenarios with many product variations.

Thermal heating system controllers to understand the circulation temperatures of the system can open and close circuits to prevent over and under heating of cylinder.  Expansion vessels are used to prevent pressure build ups, & one-piece tubing has been designed to hold the high temperatures and pressures of every closed system.

Solar pipe work compression fittings sizes are available between 15mm – 28mm. High pressure solid brass billet fittings to hold the relevant pressures and temperatures, hex nipples, reducing bushes, sockets, plugs and back nuts. Brass high temperature compression parts for glycol fluid pipe work. Hex nipples, reducing bushes, sockets, plugs and back nuts. Delivering solar thermal parts to provide service to any system.

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