Manufactured from solid brass billet, these high temperature solar heating component parts can be used in connection with glycol heating systems. These components BSP threaded plumbing fittings and can when space is needed between connections.Our aim to offer you specifications and prices based on your requirements, please advice details of your needs. We can then provide you the correct information by…
  • Solar Compression fittings

    Solar Compression fittings (11)

    DZR solar thermal compression couplings are manufactured to offer dezincification ISO 6509 laboratory standards. The DZR logo means that the fittings are manufactured with a high percentage of zinc which is highly resistant to corrosion. We offer many variations of these DZR fittings to help plumbers and engineers to commission any glycol filled pressurized heating system quickly and efficiently. Tolerances…
  • Solar Heating Spares

    Solar Heating Spares (21)

    Solar heating spares provide those much needed spare parts when plumbing solar hot water heating systems. The products can be used for a wide range of thermal heating systems. Solar fluids in 10ltr containers, Glycol fluid pump stations for easy movement. Flexible one piece stainless steel tube and pipe work for high pressure glycol systems. Cylinders and expansion vessels for pressurized…
  • Solar Tube Fittings

    Solar Tube Fittings (25)

    Flexible solar tube fittings Connection of parts link seamlessly between the coil heat exchange recovery units and pumping stations. This forms an important connection between parts whole solar water heating kit tube fittings. The parts include one piece stainless tubing, and the many variants of connecting the system components safely and securely. We offer free delivery on certain items that…

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Solar thermal hot water Pipe work connections. We offer individual parts for roof or ground mounted heating collectors. These are used on stainless steel pipe work with our solar hot water flexible connectors for improved efficiency. We provide a high quality DZR range of tube fittings are for higher temperatures with inserts to overcome greater pressures as required.

2 or 3 port actuated zone valves designed for fluid movement via thermostatic temperature sensors. Expansion vessels pump stations, solar fluids, and specially developed products to improve flows when installing any high pressure hot water system. In essence we provide every conceivable part to service or repair glycol heating systems. Solar Thermal Heating components.... You will find that we have sections that identify the product variations. 
Brass high temperature compression parts for glycol fluid pipe work. The actuated valves are primed to move fluid automatically when required by thermostatic sensors. Glycol fluid needs to be pumped around pressurized systems pipe work.  Thermal heating system controllers to understand the circulation temperatures of the system can open and close circuits to prevent over and under heating of cylinder.  Expansion vessels are used to prevent pressure build ups, & one-piece tubing has been designed to hold the high temperatures and pressures of every closed system.
Solar pipe work compression fittings sizes are available between 15mm – 28mm. High pressure solid brass billet fittings to hold the relevant pressures and temperatures, hex nipples, reducing bushes, sockets, plugs and back nuts. Brass high temperature compression parts for glycol fluid pipe work. Hex nipples, reducing bushes, sockets, plugs and back nuts. 

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