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About this category

We offer a range of solar kits for all disciplines of household grid connection. These include our standard PV energy generation system kit. Maybe you require a battery storage PV generation system, or an off grid PV energy generation application. When selecting a storage product, many just go for the lowest cost. Without doubt, this can save money initially, but the proof of any product is its reliability and life expectancy. Followed by the manufacturers after sales assistance. From our experience it is ideal to purchase the  best one can afford. Kits can be for on roof of ground solar pv mounted options. Many customers are concerned about various aspects surrounding battery storage, Where are often asked this question. Will I loose my feed in tariff payments if I put a battery in my home. To be as candid as possible, the answer is as follows: If you convert an existing PV solar paneled system to a battery storage facility. Providing you only store what is generated by the existing PV system, then it should not affect your FIT payment, (feed in tariff). As the electricity generated will only pass through the solar generation meter once. Most existing solar systems can be up to 10 years old, older inverters are not designed to accept battery storage. Therefore it is important to understand that a new inverter (hybrid type) may be needed to take the place of an existing setup to provide a safe route to put excess generated power into a storage backup facility. For uses when needed throughout the 24hr day. A hybrid inverter will offer the homeowner the ability to move excess energy into a battery system for uses when needed by the family of the household. This link shows you the cost of parts needed: Replacement hybrid inverter and suitable battery including battery cables etc. Complete new on roof kits with all materials needed for PV battery storage installation.