• LED Lighting Drivers

    LED Lighting Drivers (2)

    Dragons Breath solar can provide a wide range of LED lighting driver controls and associated component parts. These are designed to provide a suitable route to energise low voltage LED luminaries.
  • LED Low Voltage Lamps

    LED Low Voltage Lamps (3)

    Dragons Breath are leading suppliers of solar powered LED lanterns designed for optimum remote application results. These are available in 3w, 5w, 6w, 8w, 10w, 12w, 15w, 18w & 24w using high performance LED's.
  • Solar Flood lights

    Solar Flood lights (1)

    We provide a LED flood lighting system that is fully water proof to enable illumination uses outside for signs or banners. Using solar power to provide an infinite method of illuminating billboards, banners and display signs. We can offer bespoke products designed around your requirements. This can be completely self regulating dusk until dawn 12w solar powered flood light system.
  • Solar LED lights

    Solar LED lights (4)

    This is an information section of our web site outlining details regarding our solar powered lighting. Please click on the relevant links for further information. These products are offered for public and private sectors, such as pedestrian routes, gardens, parking areas, cycle paths, schools harbors, lakeside and railway areas.These LED street lights are powered by PV panel to optimize maximum…

About this category

We offer a comprehensive range of low voltage LED street, flood and bollard style lights for locations that are without mains power supplies. 

Each product is designed using high quality chip sets. The lanterns can then be used to illuminate many areas within a community or areas subject to security risks.