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This is an information section of our web site outlining details regarding our solar powered lighting. Please click on the relevant links for further information.
These products are offered for public and private sectors, such as pedestrian routes, gardens, parking areas, cycle paths, schools harbors, lakeside and railway areas.
These LED street lights are powered by PV panel to optimize maximum potential sunlight. The power serves a battery system that is controlled via an innovative microprocessor control system, this is available in two options of PWM to IP54 or MPPT to IP66 standards.
Each product will analyse weather during daylight cycle, then through complex micro-processors can determine the amount of energy stored in battery. This control system then equally distributes the available energy according to the programmed driver within the control box. Each battery has been designed to store 2-3 days autonomy, in case of snow or poor sunlight.

We provide these products in standard format, but in certain cases we can provide bespoke systems designed around the needs of location. Our standard LED's provide 135Lum/watt at a warm light of 3000-3500K at 4-5m above ground level. These luminaries are designed in 12v or 24v options depending upon need, delivering an operating life of our LED's are 1000,000 hours.

All products are provided for self installation.