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    LED lighting spares (16)

    We provide a wide range of LED lighting spares and parts for new or existing solar installations. What ever you need we will be able to supply the replacement . The luminary range we offer is from 3w right the way through to 24w high performance LED lighting projects. These can deliver light to match needs or requirements according to…

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We offer a wide range of solar street light spare parts for new and existing installations.
LED parts, batteries, drivers, controllers, cables, solar panel fixings and battery boxes, lighting arms, anti climb spikes, column reducing sockets, foundation cement base plates, post caps cable ties, insulation tape and many more solar street lighting spare parts.
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Please remember we can offer complete kits for any type of solar powered lighting installation project.
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Solar street light spares are linked to be used with PV powered illumination systems. These parts are bespoke manufactured.