• Battery cable accessories

    Battery cable accessories (18)

    Battery monitors and cable accessories are needed for any storage installation. Linking batteries in series or parallel needs careful consideration and an objective approach using correctly sized cables and connectors.  LED displays offer an instant visual appraisal to the state of charge; we can provide these with links to smart phones or just hard wired to a nearby location.Our aim to…
  • Lithium Batteries

    Lithium Batteries (2)

    Dragons Breath offer a wide range of quality lithium iron (li-ion) style storage battery. Including the LiFeP04 phosphate style battery designed to out perform other simular battery types. Lithium-ion (li-ion) batteries have been developed to reduce the physical size and improve the performance of a conventional battery. This is designed to improve cyclic applications where you have efficiency to store more…
  • Lithium Ion Batteries

    Lithium Ion Batteries (1)

    Lithium-ion (li-ion) batteries by Victron energy have been developed to reduce the physical size and improve the performance of a conventional battery. This is designed to improve cyclic applications where you have efficiency to store more energy with less weight and physical size. Not all batteries are not as they seem. Batteries provide limited life; therefore it is important to provide the best…
  • Lucas batteries

    Lucas batteries (1)

    Lucas solar battery range We try to only provide the very best value products available, we have an understanding of the leisure battery system capabilities measured against your requirements. Lucas cyclic batteries offer a lower entry level into the solar industry, providing a smaller version of the deep cycle LSLC long life units for stability and durability. These are available…
  • On-grid battery storage

    On-grid battery storage (4)

    Storing PV energy into an on grid battery system for uses at home can provide essential power after dark using the excess solar PV power or energy generated during. The stored energy is transferred into modular batteries.The life expectancy of this style of battery is determined on the cycle life. To find out more, contact us. As we can help…
  • Victron batteries

    Victron batteries (1)

    The range of high quality Victron batteries is very use full for all renewable storage situations.

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Solar panel storage batteries

What is deep cycle long life performance. This is related to the renewable battery energy storage selected. These products as you would expect when using prestigious products, such as lithium-ion phosphate, li-ion power packs, AGM, OPz and gel styles provide variations in the degree which they offer deep cycle longevity. So the durability of delivering stored power when needed should also be considered. When considering a battery storage system, consider batteries on the life of that battery and is it compatible with the equipment connected.

When investing in battery storage for any solar installation, off-grid or backing up an on-grid household power supply. It requires technical knowledge to understand the benefits of balancing the needs against the generation of power. This is a method we use to provide the tools for calculating energy required. Investing money into a renewable storage system should involve research into quality. As the solar battery storage selected is the heart of any coupled system. It needs to be as strong and robust a component to return the optimum results within the scope of the project design. 

We offer a range of batteries for solar panels; these include lithium ion, lead acid and AGM battery storage. These are used for delivering power to run low voltage equipment.  When higher power links to inverters are needed to run household utilities, the battery selection is sequential to obtaining the most out of this technology. Talk to us about solar panel battery storage costs. 

Solar PV panel batteries enable low cost storage for renewable energy home solutions.

Prices based on your requirements, please advice your solar PV energy battery storage need to enable us to provide you the correct solutions by return..


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Specialist in battery storage systems. Should you require the correct battery cable then click on this link for full details of how we can assist you, in obtaining high performance cables to distribute the energy needed safely. Link to inverter/battery assembly cables crimped ends and ready made