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Lithium-ion (li-ion) batteries have been developed to reduce the physical size and improve the performance of a conventional battery. This is designed to improve cyclic applications where you have efficiency to store more energy with less weight and physical size. Not all batteries are as they seem. Batteries provide limited life; therefore it is important to provide the best option to match your project. Lithium phosphate cells are a good choice for many small home systems with effortless maintenance requirements.

Lithium batteries provide up to 4 times more life expectancy than traditional battery banks. The highly efficient ion structure makes it suitable for many applications. These batteries will lose a very small amount of energy due to improved cell balancing. DOD depth of discharge can be up to 5,000 cycles at 50% which is where the lithium battery service life excels. 

Lithium Ion Batteries will not reduce in performance over its life time; this allows the use of battery in a low state of charge without losing any performance. Lithium is the right choice for storing our future energy needs in homes and remote applications as they will perform well under many different temperature fluctuations and re charge quickly and efficiently without losing performances. Products should be selected with (BMS) battery management system in place; this ensures the correct balance and storage limits of the battery cell structure.