• 12v Solar Panels

    12v Solar Panels (2)

    We provide a range of 12v solar panels made for battery charging. These low voltage modules provide charging options through control equipment to offer a DC battery solution. These are designed with durability in mind, for mobile homes, caravans and applicable sites.  They will consequently deliver power during the day into a storage facility such as a remote battery power…
  • off grid solar panels

    off grid solar panels (3)

    Typically used in low voltage battery charging systems, off grid solar panels can be used on boats and mobile homes, special projects etc. we offer a very wide range of panel's ideal for 12v or 24v uses. 12-24v charge control equipment, for small low voltage battery charging solar panels via this part of our site if needed. CHARGE CONTROL LINK…
  • On grid solar panels

    On grid solar panels (2)

    Grid connected full size solar panels can be used for generating electricity in and around your home, via suitable controls and inverter. Each panel comes with genuine manufacturers warranty certificate. These can be used for powering situations linked to battery storage, or on grid connected to lower the household energy demands.
  • Wrap around solar panels

    Wrap around solar panels (1)

    Wrap around solar panels are ideal for locations that do not want large modules on view, these can be put onto columns or posts.

About this category

Solar panels are developed renewable energy products which provide power to homes or remote applications off of the national grid connection. We offer budget house branded PV generator modules, that are realistically priced with quality in mind. Payback is provided by the tier quality that performs above average.  With the integrity built into every one of these products, we supply high efficiency budget priced solar panels. These can deliver essential energy to power a house, caravan, cabin, houseboat, allotments, farms and many more areas where power is needed. Costs are available below and on request. Click here to download information regarding tier structures and solar panel performance data We offer a range for on or off-grid applications for battery charging power in uses when needed or after dark.