• 12v Solar Panels

    12v Solar Panels (2)

    We provide a range of 12v solar panels made for battery charging. These low voltage modules provide charging options through control equipment to offer a DC battery solution. These are designed with durability in mind, for mobile homes, caravans and applicable sites.  They will consequently deliver power during the day into a storage facility such as a remote battery power…
  • off grid solar panels

    off grid solar panels (3)

    Typically used in low voltage battery charging systems, off grid solar panels can be used on boats and mobile homes, special projects etc. we offer a very wide range of panel's ideal for 12v or 24v uses. 12-24v charge control equipment, for small low voltage battery charging solar panels via this part of our site if needed. CHARGE CONTROL LINK…
  • On grid solar panels

    On grid solar panels (2)

    Grid connected full size solar panels can be used for generating electricity in and around your home, via suitable controls and inverter. Each panel comes with genuine manufacturers warranty certificate. These can be used for powering situations linked to battery storage, or on grid connected to lower the household energy demands.
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About this category

Solar panels are a well developed renewable energy production product, which provide AC power to homes or DC to remote applications. This is known as sustainable energy, by calculating this energy source correctly it is possible to deliver the power required to run your needs. These can be used for on or off of the national grid connection, when using the correct management equipment to balance the performance. We offer both Polycrystalline and Monocrystalline  to match needs. Solar photovoltaic PV modules to generate electricity, that are realistically priced with tier 1, grade A quality in mind.

How much power will a solar panel generate.

Payback can only be calculated when using the very best product. We have found over the last 20 years, that these perform above average cost-effective returns on investment. The financial returns are then the best anyone could achieve. After the initial investment, this free energy is abundantly available for the whole life of any high grade photovoltaic panel. Each PV panel is designed to provide a specific wattage. This can be  measured as the Dc power available. Remember every solar panel provides a different return based upon the following statistics.

Your location is paramount to the kilowatt hours, this return on investment depends about how the panel is mounted, the direction and angle of the photovoltaic solar panels. Only then is it possible to provide an answer based against the power the panels generate. You may need to connect the panels to a battery bank, we can advise on the most effective route to provide this solution based upon the electricity production.

With the integrity built into every one of these products, we supply high efficiencies, and low budgeted solar PV panels. These will deliver essential energy to power a house, caravan, cabin, houseboat, allotments, farms and many more areas where power is needed and combat fossil fuel electricity costs into the back into the ground.

Quantity costs are available below and on request.

Click here to download information regarding tier structures and solar panel performance data

We offer a wide range for on or off-grid applications for battery charging power in uses when needed or after dark.