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Dragons Breath provide LED Solar Powered Street Lighting using solar panels and associated matched equipment, which has been designed in the UK.  This equipment has been specifically measured for areas that require dusk until dawn timed or segmented scenarios. Giving the customer an affordable product. Designed in the UK and assembled and dedicated for uses within the rural environment where power supplies are minimal. Where customers have the need to illuminate a required area in situations where health and safety issues are paramount. 

Link to all DBS solar lighting systems DRAGONS BREATH SOLAR 101 solar lighting system

Solar Powered Street Lighting provide energy saving in energy used, with the products  supplied complete with 3-5 year warranties as standard. We offer complete systems using grade ‘A’ components, that are UK designed and assembled to match localized requirements. 

These systems provide a green footprint for many requiring a reduction in carbon saving. All of our light units can provide a method of substituting existing sodium power and emit a minimum pollution to the environment.  

Dragons Breath has the skills to provide individual bespoke lanterns for uses in many different formats.

They are a clear sky alternative. Solutions to correspond with vernacular choices associated with: car parks and walkways. If you need lighting for permanent  or temporary uses such as avenues, equestrian uses, driveways or bridle paths. We have a solution and offer slim line light weight equipment. Allotments, moorings and marinas, Schools, farms, golf clubs can be tailored to match lux outputs. Swimming pools and hot tubs where mains power sources are inaccessible due to infrastructure not being available we can offer our domestic low level illumination lighting. 

Should you have any questions about, Dragons Breath Solar street light. We will endeavor to answer your question as our LED Street lights are manufactured to order. 

All of our products are powered by refracted sunlight light, which passes through the solar panel system into deep cell providing long life battery systems. Each one of these efficiently powered light columns provides 100% energy savings. These are designed to cut the excessive use of mains power that is currently being diluted from the national grid system to power existing sodium street light units. 

By using one of our solar powered light units, you will help to make existing urban light polluting Sodium Street lighting obsolete and a thing of the past. We hope that the solar powered options offered, will be far more beneficial and a less expensive option for the local authorities in the future. Spend to save. Invest in the future. 

 solar powered lighting systems
Solar powered lights click on picture for further detailsCar park solar lighting systems. These DBS units can be fixed to new or existing lamp posts using our retro fixing system. We also offer permanent commercial grade LED lighting kits where it is beneficial to shine the light direction in a different direction from the solar panel. This is our multi-directional solar car park walkway lighting systems. This enables the kits to be orientated so that the panel direction (facing south). Can be orientated in such a way to deliver maximum illumination just where required. Lighting unit slot onto new or existing posts for an instant high value illumination. We will help you understand the working parameters of this equipment contact us if in doubt. These items are sold on the understanding that the customer will provide his/her own installation.

The latest energy saving option, the all in one light unit which is a sealed unit, offering sensor controlled or timed LED light to places where electricity is not available. Easy to install just mechanical fixing no mains powered wires.  

Dragons Breath Solar powered street lights have been designed to adopt powered illumination using only the sun’s energy. These provide us with the ability to design street lights and road lighting are for uses across the UK. Our aim is to allow customers with the specifications and prices based on requirements please advice details of your lighting needs. We can then provide you the correct information by return.

We aim to offer our own multi-directional lighting system to be used in locations across the width and breadth of the UK, with specifications and prices based on your requirements. We offer products for areas that do not have or for some reason are unable to connect to mains powered cables. These are an alternative to grid connection. 

Car park solar lighting systems.