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NEW�dusk till dawn
Solar powered street lights


Designed to be used in areas�where the�digging of ground to lay high�voltage
cables may be�prohibited.�Walk in the dark safely using�our all new solar powered street light units�that are designed to�meet�with everything�the�rugged UK environment throws at us.�
These bespoke lighting systems can be�used for�security in remote car parking
applications, walkways, schools, bridal�paths, lanes or just to replace�existing�
mains electrical�lighting�systems costing�just�43p per day.
The product�is a bespoke design that can�essentially be assembled�to�match
localized�conditions.�It evaluates�the�typical�stored energy captured�during�the
day�from the Sun�and distributes it�evenly�across�various�time scales during�the
evening.�This can be�all night or�specific�segments�during the dusk til dawn period.
Certain projects may require the lights to�be operated by the use of sensors to
reduce�lighting times when not required,�extending�the life of equipment for longer�time periods.�The units can then be assembled to�accommodate�needs using motion sensors�that activate AFTER-DARK.
See all of the variations by clicking on�the link below.
If you are unclear or unable to identify�your�requirements drop us a line by email,
we can then�discuss and structure a�product�to match your specifications.

NEW dragons breath solar lighting system:�
Click here to download – Dragons Breath Solar Street Light