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We have the ability to offer bespoke products manufactured for renewable servicies.


Renewable energy is an ideal companion when away from mains power sources, the use of energy is paramount in our busy electronic life.

DC direct current to our battery backup storage equipment via high quality solar panels creates a source of fuel to run remote outback applications.

Dragons Breath provide a range of solar components, these can be linked together to make a variety of useful off-grid components or kits for any renewable situation.

Vertical axis wind turbines provide a mystical approach to delivering low voltage storage. Include sharp natural resources to educate schools colleges and science workshops. Small wind turbinesΒ using wind speeds and directional graphs that can calculate data instantly, gathering logistical sun and wind weather information to understand global climate changes now and in the future. Securing DNO shortages in many countries, especially in areas where existing generated power supplies are already being overloaded. Global solutions supplement existing supplies to stop the depletion of our carbon resources. The natural generation of energy through renewables can provide the immediate answer taking advantage of the readily available elements that are surrounding our planet Earth.

Dragons Breath you can like this to a mystical force ensuring the instant production for our future energy needs.

The photovoltaic systems are linked to double insulated solar cables that avoid unnecessary voltage drops and any cross contamination positive and neutral polarities. The termination of power is provided through DC isolation switches as a security safety measure for immediate control to stop direct current from the modules; this is used for maintenance purposes and emergency. The array needs a secure methods of holding valuable resources in place we prefer to use K2 solar fixing systems which creates living sun bank transformed giving light on the horizon at night when the sky is dark. GRID CONNECTED COMPONENTS

Knowledge is king and we can provide this to those who require assistance. db have been in business for over ten years ensuring quality components are offered to provide Lighting and power driven to Farms, cabins, caravans, boats, stables and equestrian situations small remote application tracking kits ensure the maximum amount of energy are obtained by following the Sun during day light giving an extra 45% of natural light directly onto our off-grid solar energy stations.

Victron inverters are our choice for the starter kits providing a unique method of plug and play to grid connection using 1, 2, or 3 modules. Our distribution of high performance string inverters provide an easy to use product with visual display built into the weather proof inverter housings direct the panel energy into 3 phase power for larger installations.

Our solar heating products provide the safety required when using higher temperatures. When considering a Solar Thermal installation project it is important to understand the many variations that affect pressures in hot water systems. We try to offer our customers equipment parts that will not fail due to the higher temperature ratings.

Our latest venture into new products involves the use of LED lighting systems, using lithium ion battery backup components for many remote applications. These are available through the off-grid systems part of the new web site.

dragons breath.

We continue with our involved development of new products providing new offers with significant support which encompasses educational needs.

UK Government helps to supplement the overall costs of renewable technologies. Enabling a generated dividend annually, amounts are determined by facility sizes using the National grid for household appliances or commercial industrial enterprises. Metered amounts are given a feed in tariff allowance to help subsidize the cost of an installation and subsequently providing the added benefits, receiving a financial gratification for energy generation production equipment Dragons Breath is keen to help provide future customers requirements across the UK into Europe and beyond.