All solar lighting systems

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Within this page Dragons Breath offer links to our complete range of lights.

All solar lighting systems

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  • Build your own solar street lighting system (DBS self build) This is our own solar powered lighting system that offers the individual 3 different styles of illumination. Off until required, 25% background until PIR sensor picks up pedestrian or on for 5 hours, then switch off for 5 hours, then back on again 2 hours before sun rise.


  • Solar batten lighting (DBS batten) for locations that require 12w LED of quality illumination such as bus stops and under cover areas. Can be programed via remote control.


  • Entry level all in one solar light (DBS155) Entry level 20w LED all in one solar lighting can be programed by user.



  • Medium level all in one solar light (DBS 161) Ideal for locations with small footfall 30% background until PIR activated.


  • Communal multi-directional solar light (DBS 165) Compact LED multi-directional solar lighting system. Solar multi-directional pre assembled light


  • Classic in one solar light (DBS167) High performance top of column solar powered one piece lighting.


  • Camera light solar powered (DBS 168) the solar powered camera lighting system for all security locations.


  • Community all in one solar light (DBS 180) an ideal long term lighting solution that offers easy access to replace parts.


  • Walkway all in one solar lighting system (DBS solar walkway) This 12w LED system is powered by high performance 150w solar panel.


  • Vandal resistant solar bollard lighting system (DBS bollard) ideal for locations that may require stronger materials.


  • Parking lot off until required solar lighting system (DBS 1201) 12w LED lighting is off until required, then 100% for 5 minutes.


  • Security amber flashing hazard lighting system (DBS 1202) ideal for locations that need to be safe. Solar powered entry amber flashing light system


  • Dragons Breath multi – directional lighting (DBS 1204) for parkland play areas skate parks, can be set to match the needs of the location.


  • Precinct solar lighting system (DBS 1208) offers 360° illumination around the column triggered via PIR.


  • Large solar lighting system (DBS 1209) large solar panel commercial style solar 18-24w LED lighting system for remote locations full galvanized finish highly durable components.


  • Extra-large multi – directional solar lighting system (DBS 1210) Extra-large sized solar panel street lighting system using the latest lithium battery technology for locations any ware that require the toughest components.DBS 1210 industrial solar lighting system


  • Medium multi directional lithium battery solar lighting system (DBS 101) medium style retro fix solar lighting system, designed for quick and permanent fixture to new or existing lamp posts.


  • Vandal resistant multi – directional solar lighting system (DBS 801) Bespoke vandal resistant solar lighting system for all vulnerable locations where illumination is required IP67 + IK10 compliant. DBS vandal resistant rural solar lighting system


  • Standard solar lighting system (DBS range) ideal for locations that do not want standard solar panels to power the lighting system. Discrete and stylish designs can be built to suit the locational needs.


  • Solar lighting system (DBS offer style) solar powered lighting system for sensitive locations that require subtle background illumination.


  • 12v lighting products LED battery powered units for sheds and out house operation, where illumination is required without the need for mains power supplies. Can be adopted to run from solar.

Within this web site page, it shows all available solar powered lighting solutions from Dragons Breath Solar.

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All solar lighting systems

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