Backup Battery Storage Kits




These kits are designed for solar pv system self consumption battery back-up at 5kvA.

Each kit will contain all equipment needed to complete installation using:

Ancillary parts may be required to complete assembly

  • Example cost below: 5kw off-grid Victron MultiPlus II system, including 8 x suitable high quality Victron deep cycle AGM batteries, high quality battery disconnection switch, Victron MPPT variable storage controller, battery inter connection cables. 2 x Inverter cables, 10 x full size solar panels to match the requirement. Plus roof fixing kit and MC4 extension leads to connect back to the control system.
Multi-gGrid storage solar battery storage
If required we can provide the complete on roof solar to battery battery system complete ready to install.
Including high performance solar panels and roof fixing kit to match any project. Battery backup storage kits for off the grid installations, predominantly matched around the Victron solar products built to last.
Contact us for costs to provide this to match your specification needs.