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Dragons Breath offer a solar panel battery backup for self-consumption using the Victron ESS energy storage system or the Sunsynk battery storage systems that can provide storage for new or existing solar PV systems.  It is designed for parallel grid connection. To make a purchase, select from the drop-down cart below:

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Sunsynk 5.32 lithium home batteryAdditional 5kwh Sunsynk battery pack£1,920.00
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Sunsynk 20kwh single phase storage8.8kw Sunsynk inverter/charger and 10kwh battery pack£9,238.00
Sunsynk home inverter and battery pack3.6kw Sunsynk inverter/charger and 10kwh battery pack£7,250.00
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Multi Grid Layout for Self Consumption3,000VA Victron MultiPlus-II GX inverter/charger and 15.4kwh BYD battery pack£8,850.00


When considering storage using solar energy for battery backup self-consumption. Look at options using the multi grid inverter/charger ESS system from Victron energy or Sunsynk.

The system has been developed to ultimately reduce the reliance of power from the national grid connection to your property. Most households are very energy hungry. The easiest way to explain is that by storing power you will be optimizing excess solar PV energy generation for times when needed, without the need to export back to the National grid.

We often get asked if our customers can be off grid, the quick answer is no, but read this off-grid similarity. In essence you will not be as reliant on incoming National grid energy to run your household. The self consumption battery storage will allow your solar system to store energy.  Most grid connected households use maximum power between 5pm-8pm. Therefore by storing excess energy, it is possible to off set at these peek times, thus cutting down your reliance of incoming supplies from National grid connection, and ultimately helping to reduce your energy bills.

Other options available:

By using the dedicated ESS (energy storage system) which will allow the user to connect to most configurations, thus delivering an ideal solution for self consumption battery storage.

Each system will reduce electricity bills through battery storage batteries being used as a buffer to accept any energy generated during the day. This then is available for use during the evening or at any time required, even if a power outage occurs. This provides the option to use the electricity stored in battery bank on those occasions as a UPS for critical loads.

The system is designed to provide self consumption through parallel grid connection. We offer this kit in 48v, c/w built in anti-islanding function for AC grid connections.

We offer this kit using either the Victron multiplus-II GX inverter charger c/w 15kwh li battery bank or the Victron MultiPlus-II Gx and Pylon batteries.Each kit includes the following items:

This can also be used with 3.5kwh Pylon batteries in the following format:

Pylon storage batteries power your home (

Sunsynk ESS power unit designed to store solar energy for times when needed.

Depending on your needs, the Sunsynk battery storage system can provide a facility to match. The 3.6 ECCO single phase hybrid inverter will enable up to 7,000w of PV energy to be directed into a battery storage facility. If you select the 8.8kw ECCO version which will accept 10,400w of PV power. These two inverters will work in the following options: