Battery cable assembly

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Battery - Controller Cables
Battery interconnection cables
Battery - Inverter Cables


We can offer a ready made pre-assembled cable assembly service, mechanically crimped ends to desired lengths.

Double insulated solar battery cables from controller to battery in 4mm – 6mm – 10mm – 16mm sqmm @ 2m lengths

Cables from inverter to battery in 16 sqmm, 25 sqmm, 35 sqmm, 50 sqmm, 70 sqmm and 95 sqmm lengths @ 2m for uses with off grid.

In applications where it is necessary to have bespoke length cables between
batteries, we offer these with M8 or M10 crimped ends in 300mm lengths.
We offer this with the following costs of desired cable, + crimps to match the cable connections and sealing ends.
The prices below are for standard lengths. If you require specific length battery connection cables or cable spares, then please advise by email..EMAIL US

Link to battery high current carrying capacity fused isolation switch single and 3 pole fused untis.

If you are just looking for an isolation switch from units to battery we can offer this positive battery disconnection switch. It is highly durable and rated 300A Link to battery disconnection switch.