BlueSolar Monocrystalline panels




We are pleased to be able to offer the Victron energy BlueSolar Monocrystalline
panels. These provide the user with high yield performance and returns.

These solar panels have been developed to provide performance across a
large range of sizes and outputs.

The Victron name is known the world over as an industry standard. We can
offer these Monocrystalline panels in the following nominal power in watts.

  • 30w Bluesolar panels with a
    weight of just 2.5kg is ideal for those small battery systems that just
    need to tick over each day without a high demand. These deliver 1.6A.
    Measurements are 430x545x25mm.
  • 50w Bluesolar panels deliver
    2.78A into 12v batteries where power is needed on a regular basis. They
    are just 4kg and measure 630x545x25mm.
  • 80w Blue solar panels
    provide 4.45A and can be classed as a product that can capture a large
    amount of 12v energy for battery systems. Measurements are 1195x545x35mm and the weight is 8kg.
  • 100w Bluesolar panels
    provide a balance method of storing energy. They are the same size and weight
    as the 80w panels, but deliver just that little bit more energy 5.56A to
    recharge 12v battery backup.
  • 150w Bluesolar panels are at
    the top end of 12v battery charging. They can deliver 8.33A of power to
    batteries and measure 1480x673x35mm with a weight of 12kg, they provide
    ample energy for most situations.
  • With the 190w Bluesolar
    panel it is designed for 24v battery systems, and thus is larger than the
    12v range. It weighs 15kg and measures 1580x808x35mm. Its running voltage
    is 36v therefore it can deliver an ample 5.44A to 24v battery banks.
  • The largest 24v Victron
    energy Bluesolar panel is the 300w unit that measures 1956x992x45mm and
    delivers 8.06A to 24v batteries. These are designed specifically to bring
    maximum power to battery systems using all of the Victron energy technology

Click here to download Victron blue solar monocrystalline panels data sheet